Bio Promed Skin Care

Bio-Herbs Peel

Skin Rebirth Treatment – an alternative to microdermabrassion and laser

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BIO PROMED Bioherbs Peel is a skin resurfaces treatment commonly used by trained professional aesthetic. It resurfaces the skin and provides a natural, safe and effective alternative treatment to microdermabrassion, chemical peels, photo-facials (IPL), laser and prescription acne therapy to improve brown spots, sun damage skin, superficial scars, acnes, comedones, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles for a overall skin rejuvenation.

  • Smooth scars wrinkles and fine lines thanks to the collagen synthesis stimulation effect.
  • Able to dissolve dead keratinized skin cells and stagnant cutaneous and hence able to reduce acne inflammation and regulate sebum production result to a clearer skin condition.
  • Improving skin colour and texture
  • Allowed maximum absorption of active ingredients
  • 100% natural, safe with proven result
  • Results can be seen with only one treatment
  • Skin will looks more radiant, smooth, supple and brighter with continues used.