Biocoslab – Our Technologies

Our talented, thrives on innovation and creative R&D team will never stop researching for the most advanced skin care technologies. At bounty, we never run out of ideas to explore and coming out with cutting edge skin care products. Our excitement will not stop at research but will go live to benefits the consumer.

Mastering the science allow us to create functional, stable, innovative and safe cosmetic products.

New innovative technology of sunblock – Quantum mechanics approach to shield skin from sun damages

Surfactant Sciences Technology for the formulation of delivering skin moisturization cleansing formulation…

Biocoslab has been engaging the development of excellent sensory qualities and functionalguarantee skin care moisturizer, serum, lotion, sun care and make up products through our expertise and knowledge in Emulsion Sciences Technology…

Our Multiple Emulsion Technologyplay a role as skin delivery system to restore the skin barrier function and maintain the homeostasis of the skin. This technology will help to comfort sensitive and eczematous skin.

Our Nano-emulsion Technologyproduce very small particle sizes of emulsion droplets that result in creating a non-sticky lotions with enhanced moisturizing result.

Functional Ingredients

We keep sourcing worldwide for the skin careactive ingredients and only select those functional and safe ingredients to meet our customers need.

High-Tech Peptides

Peptides repair and restore the skin structure, help your skin look younger, repair damaged skin, prevent and slow down the aging process. Peptides are a realistic alternative to Retinol and proven to heal and promote optimal skin health at the cellular level. It’s never too early or late to start using them.

Grape Stem Cells

The grape stem cells have been known to reduce the appearance of aging due to exposure to environmental stresses. The Grape Stem Cells contain special epigenetic factors and metabolites which are able to protect human stem cells against UV radiation and therefore delay aging.

Rose Stem Cell

Rose soothes sensitive skin, delivers moisture to dry skin, and has outstanding anti-inflammatory effects to reduce skin troubles. By helping skin cells grow and replicate, rose stem cell extract also prevents signs of aging due to active oxygen, which is considered to be the main cause of aging. When cells regenerate it helps to revitalize droopy and sagging skin.

Apple Fruit Cell Culture

Apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, which ensures the longevity of skin cells. Apple stem cells have been shown to protect skin stem cells while also delaying the senescence of hair follicles and succeeds in delivering a revolutionary anti-aging performance for real rejuvenation.

Natural Rice Fermentation

Rice fermentation becomes a veritable anti-aging elixir. It’s rich in minerals, antioxidants, B and E vitamins, and traces of pitera. These minerals and antioxidants help to purify and smooth the skin, working to minimize fine lines and decrease the appearance of pores.

Bird’s Nest Essence

Bird’s nest essence is great for anti-aging benefits and overall flawless skin. It has been shown that bird’s nest essence can restore radiance elasticity suppleness, smoothen lines & wrinkle, hydrate & brighten skin, reduce eye bag & firm eye contours and prevent dryness & dullness to the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid works to keep every aspect of skin stable, safeguarded, and constantly renewed. Hyaluronic acid can enhance moisture content beyond comparison. It also revitalizes skin’s outer surface layers, so they look and feel softer, smoother and radiantly hydrated. This instantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Technologies of active ingredients

Nano-encapsulation of active to enhance the delivery of active to the target site of the skin.

Biomimetic Peptides to combat aging, aids in skin lightening, soothe blemished skin and help maintain skin integrity.

Double-layered capsulation technology of active ingredients for better skin penetration.

Liposomal encapsulation of Vitamin will prolong the life span of vitamin actives in a skin care formulation and enhance the delivery of vitamin to skin

Biocoslab Product Range

Range of products that we are able to manufacture. We can even customized the formulation based on your requirement.



Cleanser – Facial Cleansing Gel, Facial Cleansing Foam, Milk Cleanser, Make Up Remover, Cleansing Water depending on your request



Toner – Facial Mist, Facial Lotion, Astringent Lotion, Alcohol Free Toner depending on your request


Moisturizer Moisturizer – Gel Cream, Lotion, Nourishing Moisturizer and etc with different texture and sensory feel depending on your request


Serum Serum – Vitamin Serum, Line Reducing Serum, Whitening Serum, Blemishes Serum, Pore Refining serum, Lifting Serum, V-Face Serum, Biological Peel Serum depending on your request



Mask – Powder Mask, gel mask, cream mask, paper mask and etc depend on your request



Ampoule – we customize different type of ampoules depending on your requirement


Sun Care Products

Sun care Products – tinted and non-tinted water resistant sunscreen with full range of SPF depending on your request



Cosmetics- Liquid foundation with and without SPF



Scrub – cream scrub, gel scrub, sea salt scrub depend on your


Spa Products

Spa Products – we provide a full range of spa products from body wash, body scrub, body mask, massage oil and massage cream to body lotion. We also manufacture home spa products depending on your request


Targeted Treatment Products

Targeted Treatment Products – We produce intensive treatment products designed to address blemishes skin, dark spot and freckles, wrinkles and fine lines and etc to beauty salon or as a home care treatment to boost the benefits of your daily skin care regime


Silhouette Care Products

Silhouette Care Products – Bust Firming, lifting cream and enlargement cream, slimming gel, slimming cream, anti-cellulite cream and butt-lift Cream